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Atrantíl and LRXD Make Constipation Something Worth Sharing

Abdominal discomfort, bloating and constipation affect millions of people every year, but they aren’t exactly topics that anyone is lining up to talk about. When KBS brought Atrantíl to the market to eliminate these daily discomforts, LRXD was enlisted to create the brand video that would serve as the center of the Atrantíl website, communicating the symptoms that Atrantíl treats as well as the product’s efficacy.

Oh, pharmaceutical videos. We all know how those tend to go: “Do you have a problem with _______? Introducing _______. Side effects may include ____, ____, _____, _____, _____, _____, ____, and ____. Talk to your doctor today. ”

Rather than following the pharmaceutical commercial norm, LRXD opted to create something that would break through the clutter of mundane medical advertising, and strike a chord with the consumer in a supportive, relatable and humorous way. With the assistance of Dr. Ken Brown and some elaborately interwoven balloons, LRXD and Atrantíl created a video that’s not only informative and entertaining, but also something that constipation is definitely not: shareable.