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Brand Launch: First Western Trust – A Connected View

A very well established bank with a clear point of difference, First Western Trust came to us looking to solidify their brand identity, messaging and architecture into a cohesive package. Through our brand positioning workshop, Two Weeks to Truthâ„¢, we discovered First Western truly recognizes that no financial decision lives in isolation. Each choice investors make for themselves, their families or their businesses will have an impact on their entire financial picture. From this idea, ConnectView was born, becoming the foundation for all communications and, more importantly, the new, more succinctly defined philosophy of the bank. We brought ConnectView to life through a new website, new identity package, collateral systems, event correspondence and digital communications. The branding has been well received on all fronts and has awarded First Western the ability to more clearly define themselves to current and prospective clients, creating new opportunity. Visit the site.