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  1. Rewind

    LRXD: Rewind 2016

    Made with simple, natural ingredients and cane sugar, Hansen’s Soda is unconventional in its category, perfect for millennials looking for something as unique as they are. Hansen’s hired LRXD to bring that personality to life with an original take on advertising.
    First, we created a website with unique typography and striking Southern California photography as a…

  2. Immortal

    Advertising in 2017 (and Beyond). Can We Get Consumers to Buy Immortality?

    On February 14, 2011, I had a meeting with the head of the Colorado Tourism Board—I was there to pitch our agency’s idea for boosting visits to the state, not through advertising at all, but by creating an online crowdsourced model in which ordinary citizens would become what we called Ambassadors to Colorado.
    The idea died.

  3. Artificial

    Before You’re Replaced by AI, Profit from it.

    They’re easily Googleable—massive numbers of articles predicting the demise of graphic designers, planners, even as is the test case at McCann Japan, creative directors (don’t believe me, look it up.). All these positions replaced by two letters—AI.
    Yes, it’s fairly easy—incredibly so for the even the mildly paranoid—to imagine a near future in which our years…

  4. 16-2300203_LRXDSBlogAug_1

    LRXD and KOA Show You What’s Happening Right Now, Behind the Yellow Sign

    Whether you’re a camper or not, chances are that somewhere along America’s highways and byways, you’ve seen the iconic yellow sign inviting you to camp at Kampgrounds of America (KOA). With 487+ locations, they’re everywhere. So, just what exactly is hiding behind that yellow sign anyway? Guess it depends on what time you’re there.
    LRXD has…

  5. truetoniqs-02

    LRXD and TRUETONiQS™ Show That How You Feel Is All That Matters™

    TRUETONiQS™ is a line of liquid dietary supplements designed for a growing number of people who demand more than sugary sodas when they say, “I’m thirsty.” Beyond that need, TRUETONiQS is the only brand sitting at the intersection of refreshment, hydration and nutrition. And we’re telling their story, not with a bunch of miracle in…

  6. naturalsins-01

    LRXD and Natural Sins Introduce the World to the Un-Potato Chip

    Natural Sins is a company that cares deeply about its craft. Their tasty fruit and vegetable chips are hand-picked and slow-baked with minimal ingredients and maximum care. The result is a delicious treat that health enthusiasts can feel great about eating. In other words, they’re everything your classic potato chip is not.
    We set out to…