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  1. Immortal

    Advertising in 2017 (and Beyond). Can We Get Consumers to Buy Immortality?

    On February 14, 2011, I had a meeting with the head of the Colorado Tourism Board—I was there to pitch our agency’s idea for boosting visits to the state, not through advertising at all, but by creating an online crowdsourced model in which ordinary citizens would become what we called Ambassadors to Colorado.
    The idea died.

  2. Artificial

    Before You’re Replaced by AI, Profit from it.

    They’re easily Googleable—massive numbers of articles predicting the demise of graphic designers, planners, even as is the test case at McCann Japan, creative directors (don’t believe me, look it up.). All these positions replaced by two letters—AI.
    Yes, it’s fairly easy—incredibly so for the even the mildly paranoid—to imagine a near future in which our years…

  3. koa-stw@880

    Facebook Game: Spin to Win Big with KOA

    Our most recent Facebook efforts for KOA were such a hit that we decided it was time to engage KOA’s core audience once again. KOA fans love to play games, so we created our newest Facebook app for them, “Spin to Win.”
    It’s KOA’s take on Wheel of Fortune, where fans can spin an RV wheel…