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LRXD: Rewind 2016


Made with simple, natural ingredients and cane sugar, Hansen’s Soda is unconventional in its category, perfect for millennials looking for something as unique as they are. Hansen’s hired LRXD to bring that personality to life with an original take on advertising.

First, we created a website with unique typography and striking Southern California photography as a delicious ode to Hansen’s free-thinking, free-wheeling attitude. Then, we took to the heart of Venice for a one-night event at the Mar Vista Art Dept. Using the neighborhood’s walls to showcase L.A.’s top street artists, we hosted a party dedicated to celebrating all things authentic and creative — leaving a permanent, exceptionally original brand imprint behind.








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Lemonade has a very simple design — it’s a concoction of lemon, water, sugar and sunshine — yet it brings big smiles to the faces of those who drink it. We wanted to replicate this experience for the Hubert’s Lemonade website.

Designed as a virtual funhouse for the Google Chrome browser, www.hubertslemonade.com is controlled by visitors’ smiles and other facial expressions transmitted through their computer’s webcam. (Shaking one’s mobile device also communicates a joyful expression.) Visitors optimize the site for the “Super Joyous Experience” for best recognition results.

Joy is a form of currency for guests who explore the pages of our lemonade arcade: They unlock hidden joy by smiling, raising their eyebrows, opening mouths wide and making combinations of these gestures. Those who flash Hubert their grins at this unique interactive experience earn chances to be rewarded handsomely during a monthly sweepstakes at Hubert’s concession stand — proving a website really can cause joy.

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If you’ve ever road-tripped across North America, you’ve seen it. That bright yellow KOA sign. The problem? Though Kampgrounds of America has a whopping 90% brand recognition, the majority of people have no idea what actually goes on at a KOA campground behind that sign.

In 2016, we evolved our “What’s Behind the Yellow Sign?” campaign with a new unique approach. The cable TV-centric multimedia campaign targeted creative executions to specific day parts (morning, afternoon and evening) and used sensory experiences to stir up more visceral, emotional feelings among viewers. Our hypothesis: Camping enthusiasts would long for these timely experiences on screen and wish they were outdoors.

Through the campaign that resulted in record-setting profit, current KOA campers have had their eyes opened to the brand’s rich experiences and returned for more of them. New campers have discovered all the great things they could find at KOA, correcting old assumptions about what was behind that yellow sign and stimulating trial. And an iconic brand has discovered that their story was one the world had been waiting for.

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When Jenny Craig asked LRXD to help reinvent the brand in 2013, it made sense to bring back Jenny Craig’s most lovable spokesperson, Kirstie Alley. Her own up and down struggle with weight was shown to give solace to other women who’d stumbled in the same way.

In 2016, we launched a new TV, print and digital campaign with Kirstie returning to the set of the popular TV show “Cheers.” She showed off her 50-pound weight loss to former cast members Norm (George Wendt) and Cliff (John Ratzenberger) in the spot entitled “I’m Back.” Alley riffed with Cliff and Norm as they discussed her success with the Jenny Craig program — thanks to her personal consultant and range of healthy food options. The campaign marks the first time the trio had reunited on-set of the award-winning show.



Here’s the scene. It’s been a long day. The kids are screaming. So is your boss. So are your aching feet. You desperately need a place to kick back. But you don’t want the glitz and glam of some trendy club or the $20 ginger, egg yolk and absinthe creation at that mixology lab down the street. You just want a place where you can be yourself and enjoy a cold drink and a scratch-made meal with your friends. Sounds like Tavern’s calling.

Since taking over as agency of record, LRXD has been helping the restaurant chain brand themselves as the metro area’s go-to no-frills neighborhood bar. In addition to in-store branding work and social media, LRXD and Tavern premiered TV commercials that ran on broadcast and as pre-roll.