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One Site Launch That’s Doing a World of Good

LRXD is partnering with Clayton Warwick, co-founder of The Music Ninja, to launch a music platform heard and felt around the world.

Cadence & Cause connects artists, their fans and worthy causes together to change the world. The site (www.cadenceandcause.com) becomes a destination where musicians can release exclusive tracks, donate sought-after merchandise and offer up once-in-a-lifetime experiences for fans to get their hands on. Unlike any other platform, fans can do what they’re already doing–buying and listening to great music–while bettering the world at the same time.

Through the site, both fans and artists get to give back through our “get and give” model. Cadence & Cause gives the purchase price minus expenses to responsible charities creating an entirely new revenue stream for them. Alongside the ONEHOPE Foundation, musicians and fans can witness the actual dollar-to-impact ratio for every purchase.

Nearly a dozen artists have signed up for the launch, including The Chainsmokers who are known for their international hit “#Selfie.” Not only do artists dig that their music can make such a huge difference, they love connecting with their fans on a deeper level.

Built completely in-house from the ground up, the LRXD development team took technology to a more meaningful level. Every decision made was about how can this platform make the absolute most impact. Built with growth in mind, the infrastructure scales seamlessly as more and more artists sign on and donations continue to increase. Knowing how powerful information around progress can be, we built technology with real-time tracking so fans and artists can see how hard their donations dollars are working.

LRXD is thrilled to announce the launch of this inspiring new way to buy music and change the world. Get in and do some good.